Rototom Photo

Erika Ghezzi

My travel behind lens starts two years ago.
I would like to increase my skills in the field of interior design, but from that moment something has changed and I can’t stop taking pictures.
All started as a simply curiosity, but with practice I’ve discovered that it’s more than that.
I understood how art could be communication, and how this particulary kind of art is suitable for me.
I was completely captivated from this quiet and discreet tought’s voice.
Photography ignites my observing and curious gaze and I’ve learnt to go inside every situations and each person and stories. Through photography I’ve grown up and I’ve learnt how to slow down and observe world.

I don’t know exactly which type of photography I prefer yet and I don’t know if it’s fair to decide and so keep out. What I know for sure now is that I want to talk about life, relationships, nature, histories, minority and majority. It is my intent to take photographs capable of arausing emotions, curiosity and questions about problems of today’s world into people’s mind.

I couldn’t ignore this passion, so I decided to build my new life around photography, and from last year I’ve been working in Milan as a professional freelance photographer for different events, companies, and agencies.

In order to improve my skills and grow up as a photographer I need to travel, meet new people, live in contact with different cultures and take pictures in various situations, and I think that Rototom Sunsplash could offer me all these opportunities! Two years ago I completely fell in love with the magical atmosphere of this festival and today I’d like to join it as a professional and official photographer.

I am sure that this new experience could give me a lot of new emotions, skills and satisfactions!
Enjoy, live, pay attention, love…and look carfully at my pictures, don’t be afraid to write me and ask me everything you need to know.
I’m waiting for you all!

We just have to truly believe in it!
A different world is possibile!

With love,